Open for Submissions

Try out creative writing for Fulham FC Foundation

Create a piece of creative writing with a drawing about mental health for Fulham FC Foundation!

Submissions in Review

Create an artwork for the United Nations Verified Campaign #OnlyTogether

Create photos or pieces of original art inspired by the UN's Verified #OnlyTogether campaign!

Submissions in Review

Seeking Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio (Inspired by LEGO® VIDIYO™)

Submit a video or pictures telling us about yourself, how you unleash your creativity, and what you know (or love) about LEGO®.

Creators Selected

Design a t-shirt or vinyl cover for Universal Music

Create artwork for a t-shirt or vinyl record sleeve for a Universal Music band

Creators Selected

Imagine if you were a Cartoon or Avatar, what would you look like?

Reimagine yourself as a cartoon character or avatar, inspired by your favorite personality traits and features

Creators Selected

Design your own personal brand logo

Design a logo that captures your personal brand! Be inspired by your personality, passions and hobbies